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MVK 7 – 2021 Edition

New Level of Performance

Experience an advanced PC on a whole new level with maximum detail, speed and cutting edge hardware. Designed for advanced gamers and users who would do a lot more with their system.

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Quality Build

We bring our expertise since 2016, to build high-performance PCs with a focus on thermal design and engineering. We optimize and benchmark every component to create a new level of performance that’s more than just a sum of its parts.

Intel & AMD

Expect lighting fast speeds and peak performance with the EMARQUE gaming PC featuring the latest Intel or AMD processor.

Latest Graphics

Discover unprecedented performance and gaming experiences driven by the latest NVIDIA Ampere™ architecture and the latest AMD Radeon Graphics

VR Ready*

With the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA Geforce and AMD Radeon, this gaming PC is designed for VR GAMING.

Always Upgradeable

Stay ahead with the ability to perform upgrades with no restrictions. EMARQUE is fully equipped to easily handle future upgrades, keeping your system on cutting edge for years to come.

Up to

Up to
Turbo Boost

Up to

Up to
SSD read speeds

Up to
Storage Space

All in One

AIO cooling options are available on EMARQUE for the most practical cooling solution for all PC’s, Closed-loop cooling solutions are perfectly safe and provides decent thermal performance for your CPU.

Cooling Airflow

Chassis hand-picked by our EMARQUE experts to give your PC the best airflow for better gaming experiences.