Technical Questions

Question I hear no sound from my headphones/speakers
AnswerThe first step to try is to check if you are plugging the speaker set into the correct output device. If you have a dedicated sound card such as you will need to plug your speakers into the sound card itself, not the motherboard output jacks. Make sure you are plugging the speakers into the correct colour port, usually this port is green or blue. If you are using a multi-channel speaker system, try using headphones or a speaker set.
Question I am having start up, stability or performance issues
AnswerAll our systems are extensively tested in our facility prior to shipment, a defective component is very unlikely. However, when you put shipping into the equation (bumps, drops, vibrations, and shocks), a crucial component might have dislodged loose inside. Reseat all memory, video card, sound card, PCI card drives and verify the “24-Pin” motherboard power cable and “4-Pin” CPU power cable are secured mounted to the motherboard. You should also try to isolate a bad component, such as a stick of memory, PCI card, or video card and see if that resolves the issue.

Customer Service Questions

Question How long does it take for me to receive me order?
AnswerIt usually takes 10 business working days. We will begin working on your build once the availability of all products is available as well. We will hold back your order to ensure we ship a high-quality product to our customers. We do not sacrifice quality over speed, that means, we aren’t going to rush your order to meet a 10 day ship time. We do not guarantee ship times mainly because we don’t want to be stuck with a deadline when we want to make sure our customers receive nothing but the best product possible.
Question What does the warranty cover?
AnswerIf your computer system develops an issue that cannot be resolved over the phone. We will have the system sent back to our facility for service. If there is issue found with the product, it will be sent to the manufacturer for repairs. EMARQUE will cover all shipping costs (back and forth) as it is within the first 7 days of receiving your machine. For more details, please contact a customer service representative for more information.
Question Where is your shop located?
AnswerOur facility is located in Glenmarie, Shah Alam.
Question How long have you been in business?
AnswerWe have been in business since January 2016.