Did you know that EMARQUE System owners are able to view order status and request warranty for each of their order via their Account Dashboard?

Getting Your System

Configure EMARQUE System
Customer configures EMARQUE system and checks out order via the website

Stock Availability Confirmation
Our EMARQUE representative will confirm the stock availability of the system build. Customers will receive a notification once the system goes into assembly.
Within 24 Hours
We do our best to ensure the availability of stocks but there will be a situation where a particular component model(eg. Graphics Card or Motherboard) won’t be available. In this situation, EMARQUE representatives will contact you immediately to suggest the next best alternative component or you could opt-in for a system refund.*

*Does not apply to Add-Ons(eg. Monitor or peripheral). If an Add-On is unavailable and suggested alternative is rejected, only the individual product will be refunded separately from the system.

*Not able to refund after accepting changes made to order.

If Item Change is Required
Assembling System

Our crew will gather the components and assemble them together while this process allows us to include a build log that will be given to the customer attached alongside with their desktop. The build log is a quality check done by our crew to ensure all the parts and components are well assembled.

Testing System

We will be conducting a series of stress testing that is a type of performance testing that validates the highest limit of your computer, device, program, or network with an extreme load.

Components that do not pass the stress test and quality validations will be swapped out to ensure the best components are picked. This may result in a longer lead time to ensure only the best fully functional components are assembled in your system.
If Component Fails Stress Test / Quality Validation
Packaging System

Our crew will be doing the packaging and ready for shipping.

Shipped / Ready for Pickup
The finished product is ready for pickup/shipping.
Getting Familiar with Your System
Having a defect component, immediate replacement with manufacturer
After Receiving Your System
First 14 Days

Supporting Your System

Requesting Support for Your System
Support can be requested at the Request Support page. Alternatively, you can Request Warranty for a particular component directly via your Account Orders
Getting Support
After 14 Days
Troubleshooting your System
Our crew will conduct a series of troubleshooting to determine the precise issue with the component or desktop.
Customer will have to return faulty component or entire system to EMARQUE via shipping* or drop off. EMARQUE offers pick-up via a third-party logistics company(charges applied) to pick up* your component.

*Secure packaging by customer required.

Component Warranty/RMA
Components found faulty from the troubleshooting will be sent to RMA/Warranty for 2-4 weeks
Within 2-4 Weeks
Get Back in Action
Once the product/component is back from RMA, the customer will be notified and will be ready to get back into action again!